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Interesting Royal Enfield

Interesting bike came into our workshop yesterday, with a starting problem. It’s a Royal Enfield 350 Classic that has been professionally builts by XLNC Customs, Delhi, India. A closer look will reveal that the front end has been completely replaced with USD forks, a large disc with a Bybre, Indians Brembo, radial caliper, machined yokes, and digital instrumentation. The swing arm has been lengthened, bobber type mudguards, single seat and all electrics seem to be in the cylinder under the seat, all very nicely done.

Royal Enfield’s have the same sort of prestige and desirability to Indians as Harley Davidsons do to the Americans. So, no surprise then that the Enfield customising scene is big in India, with many small companies offering custom parts as well as full custom bike such as this one. What is surprising, well to us, is that they don’t seem to go the performance route at all, just cosmetic customisation, quite happy to leave the bike with a rather lazy 350 motor, and not even putting in the 500. Although, having been fortunate to have experienced ridding in India, I can say the traffic is quite chaotic, under statement, the Indian drivers seeming to make up the rules as they go, so you don’t really want to go any faster than 80kmh, and I guess that’s why performance is not important.

Ride slow and be seen, that’s the ethos.