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Relive your youth - ride motorcycles from the best days of your life

Time has stood still,…..or has it?

They say that time waits for no man. For those of us who are on the other side of fifty, this is a brutally sobering truism.

It seems as if we are getting short changed at every new years eve bash. What!…. another year gone! But hang on, I never got to do this, or that, or that other thing I had planned! Where did the time go!

Pink Floyd, (for those of you who appreciate classic rock) summed it up well in a line from one of they’re outstanding melodic masterpieces, “Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time”. The fact is, “tempus fugit”.

You see, we live in a world which is fast paced. Whatever it is, it should be done by yesterday, or the day before! Everything is about speed. Fast internet, fast fixes, fast deliveries, instant downloads, instant coffee, fast cars, and, fast motorcycles!

Did I say fast Motorcycles? Well, yes I did, and that’s what brings me onto something completely different, and distinctly slower.