Units 1&2 Baruch Park

Viro Crescent, Stikland

021 910 0535


Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 17:30

Sat - 9:00 - 13:00

Tour details

Tours will be 4 to 8 riders in size riding classic Japanese motorcycles, with a tour leader also on a classic motorcycle and a support person following with a truck, trailer and spare motorcycle. 

The idea is for each person to try every motorcycles during the course of the tour. Depending upon the length of the tour a person will thus ride a different motorcycle each morning and afternoon.    

Personal luggage will be carried in the truck, but this has to be limited to 1 large bag per person. Additional luggage can be stored at MHM during the course of the tour.

Rider Requirements



Western Cape is a winter rain fall area, which means from mid spring, October, to mid autumn, May, there is very little rain. Day time temperatures range from low 20s, spring autumn, to mid 30s, in summer, centigrade.

Ideal ride kit for this climate is a light, ventilated, armored jacket, motorcycle jeans, light, summer gloves and either a full or open face helmet. Sunblock should very much be used, especially with an open face, but also with a full face helmet, as the African sun is strong!     

Clothing - Riding Kit

If needed, helmet, jacket gloves and boots can be hired from us, at a small extra cost, for the duration of the tour.

Clothing - Off bike

The tours are designed to have some off bike exploration either at the end or beginning of the day, for this the following items would be useful.

Essential Kit